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JIlIFREE: JB CASINO Game Selection Guide

Introducing two of the most popular games at JB CASINO

JB CASINO-Easy to play shooting game

Fishing game is a simple and easy-to-use shooting game, the main gameplay is to replace the winnings with the way the projectile shot, after the fish burst each fish according to the size or color to give different bounties, for how to hit the dragon head from a group of players, at each point in time how to choose the target fish, requires considerable game skills.

Game Details

Fishing Disco

Keep up with the rhythm of the swing, and fishing disco, quench your thirst! Take you back to the modern era, every day is a disco night, night after night, the fish pond is bouncing! Catch the shiny Disco Ball for a chance to win the Golden Dragon Disco, with a maximum reward of 1000 times! With the dance steps of the King of Rock Fish, you can easily get up to 300 times the bounty, have a dance music wheel and get up to 200 times the bounty!

  • The maximum multiplier comes to 1000 times

  • Game Features

    • Dance with the king of bungee - Rock Fish King, up to 300 times the bounty don't exclaim

    • Swinging golden dragon disco, up to 1000 times, fishing without waiting patiently

    • Get on the big wheel of dance music, night and night without waiting, up to 200 times without heartache

    • Special weapons bungee guns, joy bombs, bouncing over the fish pond High

Fishing all the way

Good luck burst prizes up to 1000 times! Lion dance for luck, the bounty increases up to 300 times! Come and experience fishing all the way to the hair, so you can dominate the sea of fish is not a dream!

  • The maximum multiplier comes to 1000 times

  • Game Features

    • Good luck all the way to get up to 1000 times good luck prize

    • Lion dance descends, bounty 100~300 times

    • Trigger the Thunderbolt and get 50 bullets for free!

Happy Fishing

This is a horizontal fishing game that leads players to explore the colorful underwater world and find the lost treasure of the shipwreck. Cute and amusing fish will randomly drop various BUFFs to help players.

  • Game Features

    • There are three stages of the turret can be used to collect gas attack

    • You can challenge the legendary fish king and feel the coolness of the fishing experience!

    • Get on the big wheel of dance music, night and night without waiting, up to 200 times without heartache


After seeing the simple and easy to play fishing games, come and see the live dealer casino

The real feeling of being there - live casino

Live dealer casinos are now very popular with online gamblers. In the past, if you wanted to play blackjack, poker or bingo online. By choosing a live dealer casino, the games will appear more realistic and realistic and you can greatly increase the excitement.

Unlike an automated casino, if the portal uses live dealers, you should be able to view them through a webcam. It is certainly better to be able to interact and talk to real dealers than to be always at the mercy of a computer program. The real dealers who play and control the various games can pass on advice and interesting anecdotes, making the casino more interesting. In addition, you have more confidence in the actual random licensing.

Real Baccarat

Baccarat solitaire is played similarly to poker. It has long been the most talked about and number one game in casinos and casinos. It is easy to play, with an unlimited number of players, easy to understand rules and regulations, uncomplicated, low risk, and easy to get high returns.

Baccarat is considered to be a very easy to play gambling card game. There are no complicated rules, the complexity is just that the dealer needs to draw more cards, but this has nothing to do with us, because it is a beautiful and sexy girl who licenses and runs the game, our duty is just to guess which side of the cards!

how to play

Baccarat solitaire is played similarly to poker.

The dealer starts with only 2 cards per side and can draw a 3rd card if the number of points does not reach the required number of points. Players only need to guess either side.

The game is divided into 2 sides, namely the Player and the Dealer. If you choose to guess the opening hand and the total number of points is closest to 9, you win.


Founded in 2018, JB CASINO is the leading brand in the global online gaming market. JB CASINO has a Philippine gaming license issued by PAGCOR. JB CASINO is a legal online gaming site with a 24-hour, year-round monitoring technical team. JB CASINO is equipped with the latest payment gateway technology, which provides users with a first-class gaming experience through its exclusive network optimization for extremely fast withdrawals and transfers. JB CASINO also offers a variety of application options, allowing members to play games anytime, anywhere through Web, H5, and native APP, and online customer service provides the most attentive and quality service.

JB CASINO is not only an online casino that has been rigorously tested by casino professionals in terms of security, bonuses, game selection, and payment methods, but also a legally licensed online casino operator.

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