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Top 3 Charming Chess Games Attract The Most Players On Jili Games

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Jili game is a well-known site among online casino players. Besides a wide range of sport games, Jili offers players many other kinds of games such as computer games, virtual games, and Poker. One of Jili's most famous kinds of jili game is chess games. And the list of top 3 favorite chess games can be mentioned is ANDAR BAHAR, iRich BINGO, and Number King.

Top 3 Jili Games : Most Attractive Chess Games

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a simple jili game of chance played with a standard deck of cards, which is derived from India. To put it simply, the main objective of the game is to predict whether the Andar box wins or the Bahar box wins. The dealer starts the game by shuffling the deck and revealing the first card or Joker. Andar Bahar is a simple chess game that is mostly based on luck and played with a standard deck of cards.

The reason why this game is in the top 3 most-played chess games probably is that it is simple and easy to play.

Here are some tricks for beginner players when starting to play this game:

Check the rules: there are many variations of Andar Bahar so players ought to check the rules well before joining the games. Make sure that you understand the rules of the one that you pick up before joining the games.

Starting from betting small amounts of money: beginners who have just started to get familiar with the jili game and not yet understood the rules well, it is better to spend a small amount of money. When you are getting to know how to play, then increase your bet.

Multi-way bet: it is wise to place multiple bets because you will have a higher probability of being the winner in this chess game.


iRich Bingo is a kind of chess game that players play bingo for a chance to win prizes. Each jili game includes multiple tickets – so the more you play, the more likely you're going to win.

iRich Bingo is a delightful and outstanding bingo game from jili game. It beat many famous casino games and ranked 5th among all the games.

Differing from Andar Bahar, this chess game requires more thinking other than luck. So, this game is more recommended to advanced players, because the strategy it requires is not similar to other ordinary slot machines, and it is also harder than those kinds of chess games. New players are likely to spend too much money without understanding the rules well and are bad at selecting the number of cards and betting amount, which quickly consumes all of their budgets. Therefore, this game is supposed to be a double-sided blade, players need enough strategy and experience to profit from it. As mentioned above advice, new players should spend small bets at first and increase gradually.

This is one of the best online jili game ever with a BINGO style. iRich Bingo fast-paced tumbling reel action slots that will bring you the best playing game experience. You can play the most popular slot machine in Las Vegas online on Jili at any time.

The Number King

Being one of the most-played chess games on jili game, The Number King is a thrilling roulette game with a large range of numbers provided. There are 3 roulettes and players can join in all of them to increase their winning chances. They can place bets on various numbers or select multiple bets to play against other players and try to win as many matches as possible. Players can choose their preferred number, then place their bet and just wait for the results.

This kind of chess game includes a set of features that makes the games truly exciting and brings all kinds of amazing experiences for the players. There are some unique features of the game that players can get a special opportunity to double their prize. Players can get a critical reward every round and enjoy doubling rewards every day. Or they can even win big if their bet matches one of jili game of winning combinations.

Useful Tips To Increase Your Budget

  • Always noticing to your budget

The aim of playing online jili game is to earn a profit. Go with the number which is most expected to win, not a number that‘s your lucky number. And remember not to waste your money, be aware and determine whether to stop or continue.

  • Committing to one game

You shouldn't try to participate in every game at the same time. Focus on one or just a few jili game, and create a strategy for the one that you are confident in.

  • Building up your trick

It is necessary to play chess games with strategies. You ought to know the tricks if you want to win the jili game. It is wise to visit various online result sites, then study the current and previous results, mix them up and come up with your own strategy.

  • Being patience

Patience is the most important point to success and getting rich. You might not succeed at first but with time you will have more experience and know how to play them well and win the games. All you need to do is be patient and learn the tactics.

In Conclusion

The three games listed above are just the outstanding names out of over 822 slot games from 10 different slot providers in general and among the loads of chess games that jili game provides. Jili game Online brings players the best experience of playing online casinos. Those games are not only entertaining but also a way to earn money. You can find a large number of games divided into sections like chess games, slot games, arcade games, and fishing games on Jili’s website. We bring the most convenient and quickest services as well as the best experience for our players.

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