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777casino-Online Texas Hold'em Guide

The most extensive online casino

There is nothing better than playing online casino table games to get the full online gambling experience. The action at online tables is fast and furious, so if you're looking for a win, you need to bring all your best skills to bear.

For those who don't like scratch cards or spinning slots, 777casino also offers poker games, If you are also looking for a fairer and more challenging gambling game, we will introduce you to Texas Hold'em

777 casino-Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is different from other card games in that players cannot control the hand by guessing. It is the most popular public poker game in the world. It is also one of the official tournaments of international poker tournaments and is the most popular poker game in most casinos in the United States.

It has been said that Texas Hold'em is not a gambling game, it is in fact a fair game in which players compete together, not against the dealer.

Texas Hold'em is not the same as a gambling game where there is no player who has an advantage over the other players and the expectations are negative from the start!

How to play Texas Hold'em

Before the game starts the players start with a blind bet (meaning the first bet) and each player will be dealt two bottom cards and there will be three community cards on the table.

The three cards on the table are turned over at the same time, and the player makes a decision on how to bet, by rectifying the largest hand from the two bottom cards in his hand and the cards on the table.

If there are two or more players who have not covered their cards, the dealer must first void the top card of the pile and cover the table (cancel the card) in order to prevent cheating.

As the game progresses, a fourth (turn: meant for a second bet) and a fifth (river: meant for a third bet) will be turned over clockwise, and the player will then pick five of the seven cards from the deck for the best combination.

At the same time, players can use the strategy on other players to make those players who are not confident enough discard their cards, and the player with the largest suit wins.

Texas Hold'em Terminology

  • (Pot)The total amount of chips bet by all players in each hand

  • (Call)Bet the same amount as the previous player to continue the game

  • (Fold)After folding due to a small hand, it is also considered as giving up the ante and raising chips.

  • (Check)No raise and no start means that the player is watching for an opportunity to make a move

  • (Raise)The amount of money you bet is higher than your last hand or the last player.

  • (Limp)With the blinds, a player at the table calls the big blind as the first action

  • (All-in/Side-Pot)If the top bet exceeds the next player's bet, the next player can choose to All-in or call and stay in the hand.

  • (Showdown)In the final round of the game, if two or more players have not covered, the last player to bet or raise must show his bottom card.

If no one bets in the latter round, the next uncovered player from the button position will show his bottom card clockwise and the rest of the players will show their cards in order.


Texas Hold'em betting style

  • First-round "Pre-flop bet”

Before the game starts, players decide on the starting licensing point, then shuffle and cut the cards, and players bet the blinds.

  • The second round of 'flop circle betting’

The dealer turns over the 3 cards on the table and pins a card. The player must combine the 2 bottom cards with the cards on the table to make the largest hand.

  • The third round of "turn betting”

After the dealer turns over the fourth common card, the player must assemble the largest arrangement from the six cards.

  • The fourth round of "river circle betting”

The dealer turns over the last male card, which is the 5th card, and the player assembles the 5 best cards from the 7-card deck.


Live Dealer - Texas Hold'em

777casino also offers live dealer Texas Hold'em, so you don't have to compete with other players but go head-to-head with live dealers.

A wide range of poker games are offered by provider partner Evolution, including exclusive games that are not available from any other live casino provider through partnerships with Scientific Games and Games Marketing.

Evolution's Poker portfolio offers players the ultimate poker option, plus the added excitement of slot-style progressive jackpots.

777casino-Texas poker reading tips

Texas Hold'em has fair odds and requires a high degree of intelligence, skill and experience, as well as careful observation of people to win.Here we summarize a few Texas Hold'em tips

  • Waiting and passing for a long time, the opponent may be weak or may be digging a hole for you to jump into

Because your opponent is trying to make you think he's thinking about making a move when in reality he doesn't want to. Consider raising when you have position, even if your hand is not that strong.

  • Unexpected card reading

What does it mean when a person who has been betting all along suddenly looks at his cards? The obvious explanation is that the player is bluffing and ready to give up the hand, or another common scenario is that a player has hit a good hand on the flop.

  • Bet Now/Check

When an opponent passes immediately, it indicates that the hand is weak and they are not interested in continuing, so the decision to pass is made before it is their turn to act.

So an immediate bet/raise means that the opponent has a strong hand and has decided to bet more money into the pot before the other players can act.



Obviously, there is no direct indication of the opponent's hand type, except for the time spent on the player's action and the details of it.

The more players play, the more they can understand the intricacies of Texas and can read their opponents by the way they bet, which is by far the best way to judge their opponents' hand strength.

Now you don't have to be limited in time, location, and the number of players, just click to join and start enjoying Texas Hold'em!

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