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Jili game still brings the best experience to win the Huge Bonuses

Excellent fishing machine playing experience

The fishing machine is a simple and easy-to-use shooting game, the main gameplay is to replace the winnings with the way the projectile shot after the fish burst each fish according to the size or color to give different bounties, as for how to hit the dragon head from a group of players, at each point in time how to choose the target fish, requires considerable game skills.

Regardless of online or physical machines, fishing machines have always been a popular choice in the minds of players. The earliest fishing machines come from Japanese video games, imitating the game of goldfish, the fishing net is improved into a cannonball that can be fired, the cannonball will show the net after hitting, and players have a certain chance to catch fish.

This game is to play the shells out, so let the bullets fly for a while, the more distant the fish bullets fly longer, to set the amount of advance to easily hit, and playing fish will also encounter: when playing distant fish, near the fish out to the shells to eat such problems, so it will be recommended that new contact players try to play near the fish.

Based on players' love for fishing machines, jili free has gathered games from different manufacturers, including various excellent gameplay and graphics, as well as constantly updating the content, so that players can connect to a safe and profitable fishing game at any time, even at home.

The beauty of online fishing machine games is that they are a harmless way to enjoy a good time, and when players play a game they love without actually killing such beautiful creatures, it must feel real, really good, not to mention the fact that they can also earn a lot of bonuses.

Best Play Tips Report

The species of fish in the fishing machine are divided into large and small fish, usually, the ones with odds falling between 2 and 10 times are small fish, and these fish will be the key factor in determining which side of the game cycle is currently on. It is a multiplayer game with different levels, and players need to be incredibly accurate and focused to succeed on each level, as well as pay attention to the small challenges designed into the game at all times in order to win the game.

Simply put, online fishing machines are all about getting as many fish as possible with a limited number of baits. In addition, as the game progresses, the number of fish the player should get will also increase, and with the improvement in casting and baiting, the player has a greater chance of getting more fish.


What kind of jili game is worth choosing for advanced players?

Fishing Disco- Up to 1,000x good luck prizes

Keep up with the rhythm of the swing, and fishing disco, and quench your thirst! Take you back to the modern era, every day is a disco night, night after night, the fish pond is bouncing! Catch the shiny Disco Ball for a chance to win the Golden Dragon Disco, with a maximum reward of 1000 times! With the dance steps of the King of Rock Fish, you can easily get up to 300 times the bounty, have a dance music wheel and get up to 200 times the bounty!

Game Features

  • The highest 300 times the bounty do not exclaim

  • Swinging Golden Dragon Disco, up to 1000x

  • Get on the big wheel of dance music, night and night without waiting, up to 200 times without heartache

Fishing all the way-The maximum multiplier comes to 1000 times

Fortunate burst, the momentum is like a rainbow! The annual heavyweight new fishing machine, so you catch fish all the way hair hair hair! Mystery plus bureau makes you prosperous to the point of no return! Good luck burst prize can get up to 1000 times! Lion dance for luck, the bounty skyrocketed up to 300 times! Come and experience fishing all the way to hair, let you dominate the sea of fish is not a dream!

Game Features

  • Up to 1,000x good luck prizes

  • Lion dance descends, bounty 100~300 times

  • Trigger the Thunderbolt and get 50 bullets for free!

Happy Fishing

This is a horizontal fishing game that leads players to explore the colorful underwater world and find the lost treasure of the shipwreck. Cute and amusing fish will randomly drop various BUFFs to help players.

Game Features

  • There are three stages of the turret can be used to collect gas attack

  • You can challenge the legendary fish king and feel the coolness of the fishing experience!

  • Get on the big wheel of dance music, night and night without waiting, up to 200 times without heartache



Paradise has always been one of the classic games in the minds of players, and in order to give players an even richer experience, jilifree has gone to great lengths to create a brand new version that will get the attention of everyone! It will refresh your senses once again!

One of the biggest features in the new version is the introduction of floating odds fish species. In the scoring fish species, there are 4 new types of fish with floating odds, and the game is randomly entered with different odds so that each kill has different surprises. Not only that, there is also a lottery-type fish, when it is killed, it will trigger the additional betting mini-games - dice and roulette game, which will give you a chance to get high odds of up to 216 times!

Paradise allows up to 4 players to fish together, and the most powerful killing techniques are hidden in the damaging fish species! By killing a damaging fish, the fallout from its self-destruct will kill all the other fish species in the area. Especially for the nuke fish, the area of impact even covers the entire layout, definitely let you easily occupy the entire royal gold fishing ground. Another eye-catching feature is that the "Prehistoric Giant Alligator" and the "Kung Fu Manatee", the two new BOOS-class fish species in charge of the fishery, will appear with random floating odds from 80x to 360x each time they appear.

JB CASINO is the best online fishing machine site.

Founded in 2018, JB CASINO is the leading brand in the global online gaming market. JB CASINO has a Philippine gaming license issued by PAGCOR. JB CASINO is a legal online gaming site with a 24-hour, year-round monitoring technical team. JB CASINO has the latest payment gateway technology, which provides users with a first-class gaming experience through its exclusive network optimization for extremely fast withdrawals and transfers. It also offers a variety of application options, allowing members to play anytime, anywhere via Web, H5, and native APP, with online customer service providing the most attentive and quality service.

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