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JIlIFREE:The most popular online Asian Lotto games on JB CASINO

How to choose a safe and legal online casino? This article will provide you with a new choice - JB CASINO

Legitimate online gaming sites

There are several lotto games to choose from in the Philippines, and the gambling industry is still developing. In this country, online gambling is handled in a very different way. For gambling purposes, there are two distinct areas: the state-owned Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), which manages all offline and online casinos, bingo halls, and sports venues.

which manages all offline and online casinos, bingo halls, sports betting and gaming operations and is the only legally permitted gambling operator in the country; and the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport, also known as the Cagayan Freeport, which is the only area in the Philippines that is not under the monopoly of PAGCOR.

Safe playing environment

Players in the Philippines are considered comfortable using Internet lotto games, in part because PAGCOR itself owns and operates some of these games. It is safe to play in any casino in the Philippines with a PAGCOR or Cagayan license.

No matter where you are in the world, you can play the lottery online via the Internet! With a wide variety of lotteries from all over the world to choose from, you can play with ease - all players have to do is choose their country and favorite lottery game! To ensure that players can play at any time, lottery games are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why do lotteries have so many fans in the world?

Key features that make online lottery games so popular

  • Easy to get started

The lottery type of game relies on betting combinations to raise expectations and reduce risk, and the gameplay is not overly complicated, allowing players to get into the game right away.

  • Fast lottery

I believe the main reason why many players love lotteries is the speed, the draw time is very fast compared to sports betting, live entertainment and other types of games.

  • Fixed Odds

The fixed odds make it very easy to calculate expectations, so players can quickly see if your portfolio will be scaled up to the maximum amount of profit, and also make the best allocation of funds.

Hot Tips

So how do players win in this easy-to-play game? Based on statistical theory, we have compiled some directions for you to play the lottery.

  • Use of hot numbers.

Hot numbers are the numbers that have appeared the most in the most recent draws. Some players believe that if these numbers are drawn more often, there will soon be more chances of them being drawn again.

  • Using cold numbers.

Cold numbers are the numbers that have been drawn the least in the most recent draw. Some players believe that if these numbers do not come out for the time being, it will soon be their turn

  • Using a combination of hot numbers + cold numbers.

Everyone has their own method, so some players think that choosing some hot numbers plus some cold numbers is the way to win the big prize!

The most popular online Asian Lotto games

The most popular lottery game in China "Every color”

The most popular new lottery game in China, which has a large area and a large population, is "Timeslottery"! The full name of the game is China Welfare Lottery Time-Lottery. It is a game launched by the lottery issuance and management center of the Chinese authorities, and is similar to lottery games such as "Mark Six" and "Bingo Bingo".


Size betting

  • Guessing the size of the lottery numbers in the individual and ten positions and the single and double

  • Major and Minor: 5~9 are classified as major numbers; 0~4 as minor numbers

  • Singles and doubles: number for the even number is called double, such as 4, 8; the number for the odd number is called single, such as 5, 9

  • Individual bets can be placed against the grid

The Star Betting Game

  • 1 Star Play: No. 1

  • 2 Star Play: Bet on 10 digits (last two numbers)

  • 3-star play: and so on

  • 5 Star Play: This category has the highest odds of winning

You can bet with a minimum amount on any type of play!


With over 60% of the world's population living in Asia, the region now has the largest lotto game industry. However, this is not a surprising finding. Several trends in the international online gaming industry, including the growth of the Internet and the increasing popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, are also prevalent in Asian markets. All of these changes require and include technological adjustments in order to meet the growing demand.

However, significant changes in the gaming industry will also affect the regulatory landscape as each state needs to keep up with existing phenomena and develop laws and regulations to match. Now is the time to take a deeper look at Asia, where lotto games originate and where the business is expanding the fastest. This is due to the convergence of new technologies and the greater accessibility of the Internet.

a legal online gaming provider

Established in 2018, JB CASINO quickly developed its brand and reputation as the market leader in the global online gaming industry. The brand was founded with the principles of trust and credibility, defining the ethos for the company's activities to this day. JB CASINO; has consistently demonstrated a clear focus on enriching your gaming experience. The JB CASINO proudly offers you a wide variety of online gaming brands, each providing its own unique, entertaining and exciting range of games, opportunities, prizes and much more.

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