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Review of Live Bingo Game: Should I Avoid This Site?

You can see that Live Bingo Game is a relatively new website as soon as you open the homepage. It matches the layout of more recent versions of Microsoft Windows in many ways, which is terrible news for Mac users. However, not everyone subscribes to the Apple cult, and as a result, it may easily have an adverse effect on just as many, if not more, people. Overall, the website has a professional appearance and a lot of cues to pique your curiosity. A box promoting a 200% Bonus for joining the website, as well as the fact that you also get a free gift simply for signing up, takes up much of the top of the screen. We'll discuss these in more detail later, but for now let's just say that it accomplishes your goal by making its objectives plain.

Thus Crisp

More clarification can be found as you scroll down the page. The 90-Ball and 75-Ball Live Bingo Game, as well as Games, Join Now, Promotions, and Casino, are all advertised in the first group of choices, each in its own distinct color box. Perhaps confusingly, Promos and Games also appear as tabs above these boxes, implying that there seem to be a lot of other options within those options, raising the question of why there are double click throughs for both. However, after giving that thought some serious thought, the truth sinks in: it's just a simple design decision. If any of the same options weren't used again, the page would seem uneven and pretty ugly.

We definitely consider it to be a bonus. We're sick and tired of seeing Live Bingo Game and casino websites that seem like they were created by colorblind or visually impaired people. It also serves a secondary goal of highlighting the fact that there is more on offer here than just Live Bingo Game, which is again superior to the majority of other sites with similar offerings. The primary selling point in this case is bingo (hence the website's name).

What Contains a Game?

Thankfully, there is a little more of what you would expect when you select the Games option on the site. You are immediately transferred to a different section of the website where games other than Live Bingo Game are available. This includes mobile, progressive (i.e., when the jackpot rises as you play instead of when you win), and instant games, which are about as immediate as they come, in addition to slots, which everyone likes for their quick gratification perspective.

Although it goes without saying, mobile is important to mention in this context. The number of websites that don't truly maximize their mobile potential, or, worse yet, don't even really have much to offer users for their mobiles, never ceases to astound us as more and more of us do pretty much everything and anything via mobiles and tablets. Both statements are untrue in the case of Live Bingo Game, a 2013 startup, which shows that the mobile product has been treated carefully and is likely to please most mobile gamers.

The 90-Ball Bingo button

Things start to become a little bit more challenging at this point. You would anticipate seeing a table or other breakdown of the games currently in play when you click on 90 Ball. It's not you. Instead, this opens a page with a few extra options, none of which are particularly properly described.

The first is Free Live Bingo Game, which, as the name implies, is a collection of games that you may play without spending any money. The second game is 90-Ball Bingo once more, indicating that the website's administrators really, truly adore their repetition. Next to this is 85-Ball Live Bingo Game, which has previously been made available on the site; we're not sure why it's located under the 90-Ball Bingo section. Below that, you'll find 5 Line Bingo, which wasn't promoted on the site, and then Live Bingo Game Jackpots, which is a fourth type of Live Bingo Game game (not included in the freebie) and a second that wasn't mentioned when you first entered the homepage.

It may not seem like the worst thing in the world, but for us, it's actually very grating. Why don't developers take a closer look at what they are doing and remove any unnecessary components?

At the casino, win big!

The casino area of Live Bingo Game is quite remarkable, and it is always a plus when a Live Bingo Game website features one. There aren't many other Live Bingo Game sites that we have encountered, so your options aren't constrained, and in our opinion, this is a really positive feature.

So, among the games that loosely fall under the category of "Casino," you can select from Roulette, Keno, and a few others. It's unfortunate that there isn't any blackjack or poker, which seems absurd given how well-liked these games are generally. A prime example of how not to build up a casino sector is found on some of the greatest Live Bingo Game websites we have come across, which all provide poker and blackjack in addition to their primary emphasis. Although there aren't many cards, the diversity is still sufficient to keep you occupied. Nevertheless, it's not the worst.

In Conclusion

Before we even get to the VIP club, there are a ton of other deals available as well. Even though this isn't exactly a red carpet event, the more you play, the higher you rank; you may go from Rookie to Pro to Master to Champion by playing more. This is a good method to encourage repeat business.

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